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Utilize material transfer agreements

Require those you supply with plant material to sign a Material Transfer Agreement stipulating the terms & conditions governing its use. Link MTA to plant's accession record.


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    David Galbraith

    Plant Material Transfer Agreements are a great idea. At RBG we have a very simple form that acknowledges that material is provided under certain conditions. So much of the ABS process revolve around "PIC" and "MAT" - Prior Informed Conscent and Mutually Agreed Terms. When you sent or accept material from another organization - from the wild or from another garden - the people involuded have to agree to the conditions before-hand, and they have to know what they are. It's just plain dealing. Our forms indicate that the plant material we send from RBG is for the purposes of not-for-profit display, research, conservation, or education, and if any other use is contemplated, the recipient needs to ask us about it. It's the same with other forms of intellectual property rights. In our archives, for example, we provide photos to researchers free of charge, but if a commerical user wants to print a photo from our archives there's a licencing fee. Exactly the same concept.

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