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Some benefits that we share

We share with "provider" countries in a number of ways. Education, through a 35-year old intern program that has trained hundreds in horticulture and botany. Information, through journal exchanges and complimentary journal subscriptions. Specimens, through joint botanical expeditions and on-line image sharing. And, publication opportunities, through discounted or free pages in our journal.


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    David Galbraith

    A great comment. People have for years focused on benefits and assumed it means money. There is a huge list of benefits that we can share with countries providing genetic resources, ranging from access to herbarium specimens to sharing research capacity and services. Education is also a great example. Think past the $$$.

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    Kate Davis

    I agree absolutely. I think that it's also important to show (or at least keep track of) that benefit-sharing in some way - document those relationships, initiatives, information shared, let your garden's board of trustees know you're actively sharing benefits, let your national focal point know, ideally get it into CBD national reports... (OK, hard to do in the US!)

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