Plant Collecting Agreements

Endorse CBD and access & benefit-sharing principles

Amend your institution's plant collections policy to endorse the CBD and laws relating to access and benefit-sharing, including those relating to traditional knowledge.


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    David Galbraith

    Acknowledging the CBD, the GSPC, and now the Nagoya Protocol, are good ideas all around. It doesn't have to be legalistic. The basic concept of the ABS issues that are brought out by the CBD is that people in the country of origin should benefit from the use of genetic material from their country elsewhere. The same principle has also been applied within-country. One of the leading examples is the taking of heat-loving microbes from national parks in the USA for development of enzymes needed for DNA amplification. The parks service could only charge a fee for research that helped recover the cost of processing a permit for the research. Billions were subsequently made by biotec companies who obtained the microbes involved. In this case, can anyone argue that the parks should NOT have benefitted somehow from this use?

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