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Campaign: Sharing Benefits

Some benefits that we share

We share with "provider" countries in a number of ways. Education, through a 35-year old intern program that has trained hundreds in horticulture and botany. Information, through journal exchanges and complimentary journal subscriptions. Specimens, through joint botanical expeditions and on-line image sharing. And, publication opportunities, through discounted or free pages in our journal.

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Campaign: Outcomes of National Issues Forum

Legal implications of CBD and ABS

The CBD is not itself a binding law, and it does not have any enforcement mechanisms. What it does is place responsibility for regulating access to genetic resources in the hands of the nations providing those resources. So, aside from the fact that the US is not a party to the CBD, the CBD itself cannot require any US public garden to do anything. ABS is turning out to be complicated (to say the least) and is still ...more »

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Campaign: Plant Collecting Agreements

Some history and context regarding the CBD and ABS

It is very helpful to understand the broader context of why we have ended up in this situation with regard to the CBD, ABS, Nagoya, ITPGRFA, et al. Sabrina Safrin, an international lawyer who participated in the negotiations for the "International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture" (ITPGRFA) and presented a very well-received talk in a symposium at the 2008 APGA meeting, wrote an excellent award-winning ...more »

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Campaign: NAPPRA Implementation

Stay Informed, Weigh In on Proposed Changes

Designate a representative from your institution to stay informed of plant health regulatory changes by signing up on the APHIS-PPQ Stakeholder Registry to receive alerts. Weigh in on proposed changes during comment periods prior to their coming into force. https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDAAPHIS/subscriber/new

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Campaign: Seed & Plant Exchange

Cautions regarding design of material transfer agreements

If implemented as a general policy, Material Transfer Agreements should be very carefully thought out. Many MTAs that are in use (though certainly not all) are tantamount to claims of intellectual property rights by gardens on the germplasm in their possession (claims for which there is no basis in the CBD). Such MTAs are often so broadly worded as to require tremendous expenditures of resources (likely far beyond any ...more »

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Campaign: Plant Collecting Agreements

Check out our Study Hall!

We've posted factsheets, sample agreements, links to manuals, toolkits, and regulations. Become informed. Consider impacts to public gardens & possible solutions. Then contribute your ideas through this community-wide dialogue! Go to: http://publicgardens.org/content/nif-community-engagement

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